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The Charity that Zest For Life has chosen to support in 2016 is Trillium Health Partners.  Learn more below.

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Trillium Health Partners has over 1.6 million patient visits per year – 37 per cent of them seniors. Our Emergency Department – the busiest in North America – treated over 50,000 seniors last year – many presenting with a combination of medical and psychiatric illnesses.

Keeping the senior members of our community healthy and well is important to all of us. Our aim is to enhance or maintain the health status and quality of life of older adults in our community who have complex medical issues that cannot be met within existing community services.

Our specialized team of Geriatricians, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers and Pharmacists, will ensure quality of life by providing services in a hospital setting, ambulatory clinic setting or in the person’s home.  Our services include consultation, assessment, treatment initiation, education and follow up.

Trillium Health Partners offers a range of seniors’ health services at our sites, including but not limited to Falls Prevention and Bone Health Program (Strong and Steady), Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) and Regional Seniors’ Health Outreach Services.

Trillium colours for sponsorship

Click below to read an endorsement letter from Trillium Health Partners Foundation.

 THPF Endorsement Letter – Zest For Life

Trillium colours for sponsorship

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